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Melissa Redwood Sprout

Melissa Redwood Sprout is an herbalist, permaculture designer, and tea wizard that has been serving organic tea and herbs in the Gong Fu ceremonial style for 10 years. You will often find her in the mossy forest surrounded by tiny tea cups, crystals, great music, and beautiful people. Melissa works with the magic of circles and plant medicine to bring people together. The sustainabiliTEA lounge is a comfortable space where people can gather to share tea and cacao, get inspired to give back to our mother Earth, and connect with communiTEA. The tea lounge is a space where you can energize, warm up, heal, restore, revitalize, and ground amongst the high energy festival environment. The crystal altar is a sacred space to connect with the Earth and plant spirits. In this space you are free to express yourself however you feel. This is a space where we take off our dancing shoes and get a chance to speak to the people who we can work with the create a better planet for ourselves and future generations. Melissa collects spring water for each cup and grows many of the herbs she uses because she believes that a healthy Earth is the result of healthy people and healthy soil.

My Workshop Leaders Sessions

Monday, April 10

12:00am PDT