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Tom Bright

Tom Bright works to support our community as we share in the powerful transformation we are collectively experiencing. He is a strong advocate of all practices that help us to remember the true beauty and power of our divine nature. For years he has regularly held space at transformation festivals for workshops in dance, yoga and spiritual development helping people to remember their own divine like nature through movement practices, breath work, yoga, ceremony, plant wisdom, singing and spiritual contemplation. Once all separation has slipped away all that remains is the experience of pure bliss, beauty and synchronicity. It is every living being's birthright to reach this place and to share it with others, but getting there and staying there often requires a perfect alchemical mix of childlike wonder, non-attachment, fearlessness, will and determination.

Tom Bright is an interdisciplinary Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher with certifications from the Reichian Institute (250 hours), Kaya Yoga (200 hours) and an advanced certification from the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala (300 Hours). He's taught over 1000 studio hours of Yoga and dance classes. He's have also studied extensively under professional dance performance groups and has assisted in Yoga teacher training retreats in Guatemala and Bali. He's also helped to found the teacher collective kundaliniyogadavis.com