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Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute

Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute (SBBTI) is a holistic massage school that provides vocational and avocational bodywork training, affordable student massage, and professional bodywork to the public. We certify students as Massage Practitioners, Massage Therapists, and Holistic Health Practitioners. Our programs include traditional styles of Swedish and Deep Tissue as well as more energy based approaches such as Medical Qigong (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In any given month, we have roughly 50 students enrolled in assorted programs.

Our classes are personal and intimate, with lots of one-on-one attention and a student to teacher ratio that ranges from 6-1 to 12-1. We have a 96% pass-rate on the MBLEX exam, required for statewide certification, and our graduates are gainfully employed throughout the tri-counties.

Katie Mickey is a leading educator of massage and holistic health who has blessed the Central California Coast with her deep understanding of the self-healing mechanisms of the body for over a quarter-century.

Katie has been the Owner/Director of SBBTI since 1989 and since that time she has trained over 3,000 students in massage, bodywork & holistic health. SBBTI alumni are gainfully employed throughout the tri-counties, in all the major spas, physical therapy offices, corporate massage venues, and countless private practices.