Thank you for checking out the offerings of this years Lucidity Festival: Eudaimonia! 

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Chloe Bee

Chloe Bee holds frogs as a medicine animal guide for the love of encouraging humans to be a prismatic rainbow, to be adaptable, to be there own medicine, and be grounded in harmony with Mother Earth. With positive influence from her passion to build a healthy body, mind, and spirit & and the human right to a stable climate, she intentionally acts as a catalyst for social change. She is the generator of a heart-centered community hub for the alliance of ethnobotany, artistic expression, cultural diversity, festival culture, psychedelic art, Earth-first thinking, and HERBALISM via transformative workshop facilitation. Presently thriving on community-expressed needs for the cultivation of plant wisdom, ecstatic dance, and meaningful ritual. Rainbow Bliss Botanicals and Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs are two of my current projects that strive to integrate consciousness, ceremony, botanical medicine, and sacred dance through honoring the divine intelligence between people and plants