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Peaceful Ninjas

Peaceful Ninjas is a global holistic peace education movement empowering youth to co-create world peace by fusing ancient and modern mindfulness practices. Peaceful Ninjas currently offers educational programs at a variety of schools, festivals, yoga studios and at-risk centers throughout Los Angeles. The Peaceful Ninjas are also spearheading mindfulness outreach at the LAPD's Hollywood Police Activities League, After School All Stars LA, Watts Bears and was the only After School program in the Nation to be featured in the 2016 STEAM Journal for excellence in merging mindfulness education with the arts.

:: Program Description ::

Peaceful Ninjas classes encourage kids to connect to their mind, body and spirit to become forces of positive change in the world. All activities are a collaboration and holistic nature based. They include:

* Mindfulness Ninja Yoga Light Saber and Staff Skills
* Non Combative Martial Arts including Brazilian Capoeira and Qi Gong
* Non-Violent Communication
* Peace Missions and Quests
* Nature Awareness and Stewardship
* African Dance
* Peace Sticks
* Haka

These flow art practices encourage harmonious and experiential learning. Kids leave class feeling empowered, connected, inspired and peaceful.