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Michelle Dohrn

Michelle grew up in the Ojai Valley, gained her bachelor's degree in Zoology and a minor in Botany and started her career as a wildlife biologist. Consulting throughout southern California with a handful of federal permits to survey for endangered species.

Butterflies quickly became a passion and eventually gained status as a southern California butterfly specialist. Still living in Los Angeles, the “concrete jungle” and with a small child in hand, she felt drawn back to Ojai.

Her passion of empowering people to preserve healthy foods transformed into fermenting in-season veggies and fruit that help aid in digestion and strengthen the immune system. All the while optimizing the bounty of local produce grown and received here as a southern California resident. She is most fulfilled when her hands are close to the earth, chopping raw foods on a wooden board, crafting nourishing foods.

It is her intention to reignite the connection we once had with the land, animals and the microorganisms that live all around us. She does this by hand-cutting all the raw foods with love and ferments are aged much like a fine wine, meticulously looked after for up to 28 days in glass vessels. She has her own naturalist-probiotic twist on fermented foods and drinks.

My Workshop Leaders Sessions

Saturday, April 8

2:00pm PDT