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Kevin Whitesides & Ken Adams

Kevin Whitesides is an archivist and historian, working at present on the life and legacy of Terence McKenna. He is a PhD student in the department of Religious Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. Kevin writes and lectures internationally on the dynamics of countercultural history. His scholarship on the development of the '2012 phenomenon' has appeared in peer-reviewed journals and books as well as in alternative publications like Fortean Times and Psychedelic American.

Ken Adams is most noted for his ground breaking films with Terence McKenna - _AlienDreamTime, Strange Attractor, _and_ Imaginatrix. _As a long time advocate of psychedelia, his works explore a broad range of cultural concerns: _Imaginary Muslims & Other Perfect Strangers _\- _Hiroshima/Lilith Returns _\- _Ghost Dance/Machines in Collusion. _He currently lives near Nevada City, CA and dances ecstatically as often as possible.