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Ishmiel Lounsbury

Co-Founder of Santa Barbara Dance Tribe
Ishmiel Lounsbury is a co-founder of Santa Barbara Dance Tribe and has been involved in the ecstatic dance scene for over 20 years. As a DJ, he creates sets that invite dancers to move from a deep internal place to a celebratory ecstatic high and then return to a quiet, grounded stillness.

“Music and dance are two of the most powerful ways for us to return to the present moment,” says DJ Ishmiel. “ Ecstatic dance can help us to express a true and authentic part of ourselves. At a time when we have become so distracted by events unfolding rapidly around us, The medicine of dance and music can serve as a powerful antidote to chaos, confusion, and fear.”

My Workshop Leaders Sessions

Friday, April 7

9:30pm PDT