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Gwendolyn Alley

Gwendolyn Alley is an adjunct community college teacher with a background in performance, journalism, activism, environmental studies, and social media who has taught English, mountaineering, yoga, and creativity. She has led nature walks in California, Colorado, and Nevada and is one of the first 20 women to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. Her formal schooling includes BAs in Literature/Creative Writing and Environmental Studies, plus graduate degrees in education, English and Depth Psychology. She began attending Burning Man in 1992; in 1995 she introduced spoken word there, and in 2005 she and her husband brought their 20 month old son, Reed. Her poetry collection, Middle of the Night Poems from daughter to mother :: mother to son comes from the 315 Experiment where participants wake to write at 3:15am every night in the month of August. Check out Gwendolyn’s blogs, Art Predator and Wine Predator.

My Workshop Leaders Sessions

Friday, April 7

2:30pm PDT