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Dr. Tim DeLorey

Dr. Tim DeLorey’s life-long fascination with Natural Intelligence started with his first chemistry set at age 7. Later obtaining duel degrees in chemistry and physics and a stint working on the Space Shuttle Program. Tim went on to earn a Ph.D. in Neurobiochemistry and start a career in Neuroscientific investigations that started at UAB then to UCLA and onto the Molecular Research Institute. These efforts produced an extensive list of publications on epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, autism and neurodevelopment. Interestingly, during this research period the field of epigenetics was born. Epigenetics (meaning ‘above genetics’) has radically altered our view of how Natural Intelligence impacts our health and consequently our well-being, both positively and negatively. Viewing health as the inter-play between Natural Intelligence, via epigenetics, and what we know from cutting-edge biochemistry research, affords us a revolutionary opportunity to consciously regain our personal essence by pursuing a regenerative lifestyle. Eden Regenerative Design (ERD) came into being amidst such a revelation. ERD’s mission is to foster transformational regenerative life-scaping via lectures, workshops, experiential travel facilitation, publications and consultations. Regenerative life-scaping exists as a continuum, extending from the body internal (Biohacking), to ones external environment (permaculture), to ones interconnectivity with the larger community at large (Transition Town initiatives, experiential travel, grassroots community involvement, etc.). Tim consults with companies, universities, institutes and non-profits as well as one-on-one with individuals interested in achieving deep optimal health or developing a health promoting permaculture design of ones own habitat.

My Workshop Leaders Sessions

Friday, April 7

4:00pm PDT

Sunday, April 9

2:15pm PDT