Thank you for checking out the offerings of this years Lucidity Festival: Eudaimonia! 

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Cynthia Tina

GENNA Alliance
Hyde Park, Vermont
Cynthia Tina is a founder of GENNA Alliance, a collaborative platform for individuals and organizations serving the regenerative communities movement within North America. She has visited over one hundred intentional communities and ecovillages across four continents. Since 2015, she has served on the Boards of the Global Ecovillage Network and the Fellowship for Intentional Community. She is a co-founder of NextGENNA, a non-profit producing learning experiences for young changemakers. Cynthia is a freelance marketing consultant, group facilitator, and educator. She is dedicated to growing networks of people, projects, and communities working in collaboration to regenerate our planet. Connect with Cynthia at cynthiatina.com