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Carmen Sandoval

Carmen Sandoval C.M.P, R.T is a Chumash cultural knowledge holder and cultural educator. She is also a Samala Chumash language speaker. She lives on the Chumash reservation located in Santa Ynez, Ca. She is a California Certified Massage Practitioner and Radiologic/Fluoroscopic Technologist.

Carmen states "Caring for my clients is my priority. I pride myself on my ability in creating a safe and relaxing space for my clients to heal themselves"

Carmen will be leading a group healing meditation incorporating traditional Chumash based energy work inspired by Reiki. Clearing Hands Massage Therapy Studio offering Swedish, light touch and Deep tissue Massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral and TMJ Therapies, also offering Detoxifying foot baths and Amethyst BioMat sessions.