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Alaina Irene

As a California Native herself, Alaina is passionate about studying California’s native plant species as a foundation for restoring wild habitats. She is a graduate of Santa Barbara City College’s Environmental Horticulture program with an emphasis in Ecological Restoration. During her studies she worked on restoration projects around Santa Barbara, attained her Permaculture Design certificate, and volunteered in elementary school gardens. As an ecologist, Alaina focuses on the inter-connectedness of all things; she wishes to bring awareness of every part of the environment being important for the health of our planet. Alaina loves to teach children and is currently working in an after-school program centered around natural history and ecology in the Bay Area. She spends her free time exploring the Bay’s oak woodlands and redwood groves, as well as reading up on California’s diverse bio-regions. In addition to being a Nature Nerd, Alaina also enjoys healing with crystals, practicing
yoga and dance.