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Azul F Dragon

Azul's journey of deep healing and transmuting the past programs has been a ride of a life time. Over the past 10 years she has immersed herself into what she is calling "Azul's Human Experience back to source". Currently she is enjoying all the richness of this journey as she continues to integrate all the lessons and breakthroughs from the past 7 years of healing through retreats, workshop, and private healing sessions. She goes deeper into this powerful integration by sharing her personal experience with the all of humanity. She is in the process of sharing her personal story in the form of a book called

"YES- Your Energy Source" Azul's profound experience has brought a wealth of insight & healing tools that she knows will support others if they are on a similar healing journey.

Azul's purpose in this lifetime has been laid out through all the life experience she has personally experienced. Every moment of pain, sadness, abuse, addition and fear has been a gift in her evolution to the empowered goddess that she is today. The strength and courage that she now embodies is a universal gift to be shared with all of humanity. Azul is excited to offer heart opening connection to support humanity in more joy, abundance, prosperity, love, peace, grace and belonging. She brings insights and wisdom to all healing offerings.

Her heart is filled with pure love and a hallow bone channel to share Quantum hugs with all of humanity...

Powerfully hugging humanity one heart at a time.