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Benjah Ninjah

Benny ‘Benjah Ninjah’ Gilbert is originally from the city of Cleveland. He grew up expressing his love for music by playingthe violinin the symphony and singing in his school’s elite choir. As Benjah’s connection withmusic evolved over time he began to develop a passionate aptitude for expressing himself through the multi-faceted, ever expanding world of electronic music.After moving to South Lake Tahoe, CA, Benny teamed up with fellow Tahoian, Phil Harmonic. The duo began playing multitudes of showsin and around the Tahoe Basinunder their CommUnity Pro-Jecktname. This musical pair played a key role in the development ofTahoe bass culture,which is currently vibrant and flourishing!When Benjah Ninjah made the decision to explore his own uniquepath of musical manifestation, he did so with passion, determination and unconditional LOVE for music. Many people agree that Benjah Ninjah is blessed with an ever blossoming, electrifying,and unique expression, which is an ample contribution tothe
world of BASS music. His fresh style has become a commodity in the Tahoe music scene. Benny’s artistic expressionrepresents adynamic evolutionof audio pleasure whether it’s with an all original production or a heart thumping, soul vibrating mix! Benjahfocuses on his roots of hip-hop infused bass,tribal andeclectic world sounds,psychedelic crunk,upbeat half-steppin, heavybass, dubstep,and anything else that guides you through an emotional and pure journey to the source of your INSPIRATION! You’ll never catch a dull dance floor while Mr. Ninjah is on deck, as his music brings pure pleasure!

My Musicians Sessions

Sunday, April 9

5:00pm PDT